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  1. Forgot to mention, to see your terrain in-game you can press the F10 button Also check out my building guide tutorial for more information! I would also recommend watching Bruceja's custom block tutorial. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG9JgmdiJ-k
  2. Hello everyone, nice to see you'all in another lovely day! So recently some people asked me (And the other too) On how to make a texture pack, please note that making texture packs can take some time but it can be also used to make awesome designs! In that case, this tutorial will show you how to make a great texture pack! 1. Basics Firstly to make a texture pack you will need a drawing application that supports transparent, let's say for example (paint-net). Secondly you will need to have the default zip file and to get that you will need to go to the texpack folder and find default.zip. Copy and paste the zip somewhere and extract it, there you can change the texture pack, however since this is a block texture pack tutorial, we will focus on terrain.png to make our new blocks. 2. Creating block textures Open paint-net and click on the "File" button on the top corner, then select Open and select the terrain.png then you can add new blocks or change the blocks! Note: (All the blocks on terrain.png are 16x16, if you try to add a block higher than 16x16, let's say maybe 20x20 then you probably have to resize it.) 3. Testing your texture pack Once you have finished making your texture pack, drop the terrain.png to the zip file, you can also rename the zip file. (If it tells you that there is already a terrain.png inside the zip, click replace.) After that, put your .zip texture pack to the texpacks folder, then run ClassiCube, hop on a singleplayer world or a multiplayer, go to the Game menu and click Choose texture pack, then select your texture pack and it will instantly change the texture pack to yours! 4. Making your texture pack public for everyone! This step is very simple, all you need is Dropbox or any other app, drop your .zip file to there, then wait till it finishes uploading, then copy the link that it gave you, after that hop on a multiplayer world, go to your Overseer world and type /os map texture and paste the link, then hit enter, it will tell you to download the texture pack, click Yes or Always Yes, then you will see your texture pack in your Overseer map, and everyone can see your texture pack in your Overseer map too (Only if they click the Yes button) I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial, goodbye and have a lovely day!
  3. Hiya' everyone! The texture pack is released but may work on it still a bit, What do you think about it? 😉 Here's the texture pack if you want to try it out! https://www.dropbox.com/s/mucxqr0r72q1vx1/camed.zip?dl=0
  4. Hiya everyone! I made a texture pack in ClassiCube, currently still working on it then soon I will release it, what do you think about it though? 😉
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