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  1. Gekale

    I cant log in

    Just make a new account and make a different email.. It isn't that hard
  2. Gekale

    I cant log in

    Click forgot your password? and then enter your username, next go to your email and recover your account by entering a new password. Then try logging in, if it still says you need to enter the login code, then you need to go to your email. And find a message from ClassiCube Team that is unreaded, then try entering the code. If it still didn't work, go to spam or archive folder.
  3. Gekale


    Idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Gekale


    Firstly why are you posting in the Techno Babble topic? Secondly why are you here to let us play these both servers?
  5. Hey everyone, today I am going to be showing you'all my new texture pack! Not looking good, but this took me alot that I expected.
  6. Press ESC and save the level, go to a different server. Next go to /extra/import and add the level in there, now login on the server and use /import "level" and you're done.
  7. Gekale

    I need a server

    You need to take a long time to create a decent server, he is probably going to make a server and make it great in 2 weeks, 3, and a month.
  8. I connected and it seemed like I'm suspicioning that the server has got stolen, you said it is called multicraft. When I connected it is named Tet's server..
  9. Gekale

    I need a server

    If you're on a chromebook, you will need to use eddynetweb, it can be found below this message. https://eddynetweb.net/projects/games/ But if your on windows 7/8/8.1/10 you need to use eddynetweb or mcgalaxy, it can be found below this message. https://github.com/UnknownShadow200/MCGalaxy
  10. Alright good luck on the future!
  11. Gekale

    /staff command.

    Alright thank you!
  12. Gekale

    /staff command.

    Does anyone know where is the staff command? I couldn't find it in github. Thank you. -Gekale/OtiMalia12
  13. These plugins are server-side plugins. I don't think so, you could atleast try your best.
  14. Answer 1: If you meant plugins for server try using https://github.com/derekdinan/ClassiCube-Stuff or https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins Answer 2: If you meant how to make plugins, click to the link that is under this message.
  15. Tet, I saw you on CC yesterday. You didn't leave CC, lol.
  16. Gekale

    Custom model help.

    Thank you. ❤️
  17. Does anyone know where is the custom model link? I'm trying to make a custom model for NA2. It was a link where it had the templates.
  18. I knew na2 would win anyway. NA2 had the most votes. It means that it is the best server!
  19. Sorry about that, it's a voting about what is the best server.
  20. Oh. I was wrong then, I never used eddynet so I didn't know you can use it on your phone.
  21. You're wrong. There is no way to make servers using your phone, you need to have a PC or chromebook to make servers, (chromebook will have to use eddynetweb) (PC will have to use eddynetweb, mcgalaxy, MCCH and these server hosting apps)
  22. Gekale


    Don't ask for survival mode. https://f.classicube.net/guidelines/
  23. Server voting! Hello everyone. Welcome to the server voting, right now this is featured server voting. Which means you have 4 featured servers to vote, NA2, New blood, Puissant Royale, and Jacob's CTF The voting will end on 2021/12/30 which means it's not forever..
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