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motd ophax help


In mcgalaxy is there a way to change the motd ophax perm to another number?

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Posted (edited)

Unfortunately, it looks as if ophax permissions are hardcoded to permission 80+:

"+ophax" permission is determined by p.Rank >= LevelPermission.Operator


If you wish to bypass this, you can try either:

A)  Download the /MapHack command.

  1. Download the source code from here.
  2. Place it into the ./extra/commands/source/ folder.
  3. Type /compile MapHack followed by /cmdload MapHack.
  4. Set the permission of this command to the lowest rank you wish to be able to use ophax using /cmdset maphack [rank].

Whenever you or anyone with access to the command need ophax, you can type /maphack and it will allow the user to have hax in that world. Do note that this resets whenever the player changes levels.

B)  Making all ranks you wish to allow ophax for have a permission level of 80 or higher (not recommended as a few people have had issues when migrating rank permission numbers).

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Incorrect initial response.

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The opchat extra permission is already lowered but the ophax permission hasn't changed

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