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  1. luke1234

    I need help.

    it worked! thx you guys
  2. luke1234

    I need help.

    I can't get a new skin. I did the stuff on the get new skin page, but it still knocks me back to this nooby default one. If there is anyboby who could give me some explicit instructions, please tell me it. I can get the skin on me, but when I go to press save it just knocks me back to the default one.
  3. BUT I SAW HIM. he pursued me since christmas. I will explain EXACTLY what happened. on xmas I logged on to a singleplayer map to do a project. I then saw several trees that did not have leaves on them. I was thinking well, what the heck?? then when I placed a block, herobrine, the minecraft steve skin with no pupils, appeared in front of me. every singleplayer server i logged onto after that point always had leafless trees, and when i placed a block he appeares. he doen nothing but stand there and stare at me, then disappeares.
  4. luke1234

    i saw HEROBRINE

    help I saw HEROBRINE he is after me. every singleplayer world i go in he is there HELP
  5. luke1234

    I need help.

    How do I start my own server.
  6. if you dont have a account you cant play multiplayer
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