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  1. I downloaded the Locked model plugin, dragged it into the Plugins folder, wrote /pcompile lockedmodel, and it throws an error like this Help me if you know what is this. Mc galaxy Classicube 1.2.7
  2. get

    CEF plugin not working.

    henry242, I tried almost all settings, others like speed will give nothing.
  3. I downloaded cef loader 64bit, but there is simply no music. It doesn't throw any error. Classicube 1.2.5 64 bit.
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    Server problem

    in MC galaxy instead of the URL server, there was this inscription *photo made by denzy Later some players like rozbeh noticed that the server won't open and throws another error. *photo made by rozbeh Can you help me or something? P.S: this is not my server, this is my friend's server
  5. get

    About Bot AI

    thank u very much aleksb385)) its work
  6. get

    About Bot AI

    Could not find specified AI Could not find specified AI( again
  7. get

    About Bot AI

    Hi guys, does anyone know an AI that is pointing his head at you? I really need it for one purpose. Preferably with /botset, because I don't seem to know how to use /botai ... Thx)
  8. get

    Crash error

    When i press TAB my game crashes . I'm telling a story: I accidentally deleted the texture pack of the game, updated direct 9 and everything was restored, but now when I go into the game and press TAB .. you understand. Image: Can you help me?.
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