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  1. get

    About Bot AI

    thank u very much aleksb385)) its work
  2. get

    About Bot AI

    Could not find specified AI Could not find specified AI( again
  3. get

    About Bot AI

    Hi guys, does anyone know an AI that is pointing his head at you? I really need it for one purpose. Preferably with /botset, because I don't seem to know how to use /botai ... Thx)
  4. get

    Crash error

    When i press TAB my game crashes . I'm telling a story: I accidentally deleted the texture pack of the game, updated direct 9 and everything was restored, but now when I go into the game and press TAB .. you understand. Image: Can you help me?.
  5. get

    Backup copy failed

    when i wanted to create my new world with the same size, then it gave an error of this type * Loading backup copy of (my world) failed. * what to do? This is a quick article, but i need to figure it out.
  6. get

    Cheater on the server

    do you think it's ok when a person just destroys everything with instant speed, and he is without a rank
  7. get

    Cheater on the server

    I don't understand what you are talking about
  8. on the server * (CTF) mapbuild * player named * IosonoNeon * Destroys one world with cheats. also when breaking blocks at the speed of light, he gets kicked every time for the anti-grief, but he still comes in. (I am writing from another account)
  9. get

    Texture pack error.

    When I went to the * Jacob_'s CTF * server, I saw the following I decided to reinstall the Classicube launcher, but nothing worked ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This also happened on the * Pether * server. Help
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