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  1. so I created this cc account using temp-mail (since i'm dumb) and now i can't sign into this account. help pls all i want to do is play with my friends on cc for the first time in like 1, maybe 2 months
  2. 6f6e652068756e6472656420616e642074686972747920736978
  3. you kill all nut haters in this one play if you want idc https://play.aidungeon.io/scenario/03126f30-ac12-11ea-9e0b-2d4d5a6a5dcc
  4. have you ever farted so hard that the shockwave from your fart reaches from california to new york and 911 eventually gets flooded with calls to the point of all phone lines not working for about 2 hours, but by then the gas from your fart has spread across the entire united states, causing nuclear meltdowns to happen everywhere because workers at the nuclear plants were too distracted by how much your fart stank? just wondering if this has happened to you
  5. Wish granted, the forum is now dedicated to the selling of dismembered monkey parts. Some snitch rats us out to the FBI and they shut the site down and arrest everyone that interacted with the forum for animal cruelty. I wish for a pizza slice. (pineapple is fine)
  6. not half life 2 or source just classic goldsrc half life don't say crack life we all know it's the best mod
  7. did you really just put your real name in there? BRUH
  8. here are some of the funnies that spawned from it join us next time when we play another game or whatever idfk
  9. just make there be only 2 blocks: dirt and grass
  10. because i have a pirated version of gmod and cant go online (god forgive me)
  11. i like gmod because you can shove a thruster in gman's ass and fly him into the sunset
  12. In this song you can hear the emotion in K.K's voice as he sings about the mysterious "disappearance" of the ugly villager on Penisland, especially at 1:00. 10/10 I expect more performances like this from KK.
  13. you might just be the smartest person on this forum
  14. might as well just share my entire spotify playlist here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2Tyzz6SPTIGZBZS1Rwds00?si=hY8E50OBRNWsxYHeCFNdqw
  15. "Forget about Freeman, we are cutting our losses and pulling out! Anyone left down there now is on his own. Repeat, if you weren't already, you are now f-"
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