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    Use the given textures in the default.zip file as a template and change the textures however you like. You can find it in the ClassiCube directory in the texpacks folder.
  2. Totally agree with you, as long as its a non solid portal 🙂 I added both good replies to my initial post for others to find it faster
  3. I already searched in the commands ingame via help and tried to find a file containing all portals but with no luck. If its easy to remove portals and Im just overlooking it, it would be good to add this information to the /help portal command. Solutions from the replies: For non solid portals (air/water/lava) you can just place a block in it so the portal disappears or use /z air to remove it. For solid portals (blue/orange) you can use /delete and just break the blocks or /z air to replace them with air which also removes the portal.
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