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  1. Well, you're right... But it was sth like server feature when you can just download the client and connect instantly with any nick you want to. UPD.: Also it won't require security code system that annoys users sometimes Now Direct connect is kinda useless, you can try join yourself
  2. I found another host to our server but can't connect to it via Direct connect. Strange thing: when we edited server.properties and set "verify names" and "public" to "false" they just... switched "true" on next server launch. What went wrong?
  3. Well, I'm tryin to use Message blocks with commands on my server. And when it executes command, it writes its result in chat. Block was placed... Mark placed at... You added the bot... How do I disable it? In game maps or on any level
  4. 1. I've tested it on some MCGalaxy server and different people with installed CEF can't see other's CEF screens. But on NA2 we can see them. How can I fix this? 2. This CEF version not supports .MP4 video files? Someone tried to fix it or it can't be fixed even with SpiralP's github files?
  5. Ah well. Ok then.
  6. I can join anarchy servers without logging in and even registration, and I want to create server thad won't require regisration too. How I must configure my MCGalaxy for it?
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