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  1. My favourite edition is Minecraft: Java Edition. My favourite versions of Java used to be 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.13.2, and the Legendary 1.16.x.
  2. "Number 1"/"Mention of Honour" must be Ocarina of Time and not Super Mario Bros. 2/Fortnite.
  3. This is what AndrewPH calls as "posting like a chimpanzee that just learned how to type". Also comes with a great big lie of Thanos (Infinity War villain) "eating Cheerios in Avengers: Endgame" and a broken English form of "I am a turkey" or "I am Turkish" or something.
  4. Lava Survival servers, VenkSociety's servers (Kingdom of Uprye, Puissant Royale), Tommy's Arcade, Jacob's CTF and New Blood used to be my favourite for being totally good for minigames. Most other servers are generic freebuild servers.
  5. Wish Granted, but he will eventually die. I wish ClassiCube's community becomes even less toxic and more family friendly than before.
  6. No mobile version of ClassiCube will be made, not even in the future. If people made one, I am sure they will be rarely (due to poor quality control) sued by Mojang/Microsoft because it is a clone of Minecraft Classic.
  7. In my opinion it is dislikable, so I gave it a "Pretty bad" rating.
  8. I think if I've made a server, it will not allow swearing, not even a single word. In addition, I would censor some over-spammed meme words and every existent slur too.
  9. Eggs are essential for your health, unless you're allergic to them. This "**** eggs" thing won't help at all for me.
  10. The infamous A-letter-word thing CAN make the forums look less kid friendly or PG-13. May a rename to "Enraging" be better. You can add Emoticons, but should be swear-free so people cannot react at Classicube's forums for having their owner (let anyone regardless of age) swear.
  11. awab4444

    Arch Linux

    Linux is, in fact, an OS that mostly exists on Servers, Mainframes (to a lesser extent due to IBM z/OS), and Supercomputers. Windows cannot even handle as much RAM as a Supercomputer and/or a Mainframe can handle.
  12. I didn't expect something in the context of a new Forum update, but it happened. Have a good time, AndrewPH.
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