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  1. TNTBoi23


    ill try web browser option how would you suggest i do that?
  2. TNTBoi23


    can i not do it on my computer? i cant do it on my router admin area.
  3. TNTBoi23


    How doo i port forward with mcgalaxy client on mac? im using mono and the normal mcalaxy doesnt work i have to use the mcgalaxyCLI.exe but how do i port forward? (NOTE: I had to make it really small to be able to upload it i do apologize!)
  4. what cmds would i use? im a complete NOOB Lmao or what plugins?
  5. does anone know how i can add redstone lke stuff into classicube? i recently watched/read the hunger games and want to recreate the arena but i need to be ably to make te pods go up to let the players out. thanks!, TNTBoi23
  6. yeah me too i submitted a request 2 or 3 days ago and still havent gotten a reply
  7. ok i put in a request 1hr after u posted, i havent gotten an email yet so ill wait
  8. i think the site is done for i submitted a request but it hasnt been awnsered :(
  9. Can someone start a server with me? i cant because i dont have a windows pc so i cant port frward or use a server software.
  10. sorry dude i had a great skyscraper built and i lost it :( you and i could start our own building server kinda like it
  11. thanks, it will take awhile though as the entire map is flooded
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