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  1. Hey! You are swearing my mom! Also, are you?
  2. Goodly, you joined our server 1 week ago and i saw you're left our discord server during you're server admin! And thanks, because you make our server's logo but why are you left? Please join re: https://discord.gg/qRHyzv4cjX I can't write you for dm
  3. Note: My timezone is TRT (UTC+3 Turkey Timezone). Also when you sleep, we can be awake. No, i hosting serverby MCGalaxy, also you can join with BetaCraft launcher.
  4. What plug-ins you want?
  5. Hi bros! I made MineCraft Server! Name is "Eymse Classic" We're opening at 3-4 hours in day. We presenting FreeBuild and Factions game types. FreeBuild have 1024x1024 huge area for pro builders and also we have Building Race once a week! Also we have MiniGames like "Lava Survival, TNT Wars". You can join via: Found server named "Eymse Classic" on ClassiCube server list and connect it OR: Type to Direct Connect Menu Server Website: https://eymsems11.github.io Why are you waiting! Join Now! We're only 3-4 hours open per day!
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