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  1. It's a chromeboock ive got a state of the art potato chip crumbles all over the keyboard A missing % key, cuz i didn't like how it looked at me Approx. 32 gb of hard drive (sd card) storage 720 resolution anti-glare screen, 11.5" The graphics are. . . there
  2. All I'm gonna say, is this Where's Straight People Month? Can we just appreciate those of us who didn't ruin their lives? And also, "God bless"??? You had the audacity to make that post in the name of God who despises the LGBTQ movement?? He love all of us, but the devil still leads us astray to try to live without God, and LGBTQ ideals are just some of what happen. PS, I am not attacking LGBTQ people, just their lack of thought. To them I say go to church, they don't bite I promise. But don't go to a gay church, 'cuz the theology sucks there.
  3. My humanities teacher has a heart attack whenever his ringtone sounds, and he was driving when the alert happened, so I don't think it went well . . .
  4. Does anybody here use Untap.in to play MTG? But also, for my techy contribution, y'all should try cybersecurity CTFs. They are honestly underrated. Also get into quantum computing. IBM hosts a free cloud server for running quantum code on real quantum hardware from your pc.
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