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  1. these are my first two maps they are the same thing but they have small differences such as one has a landbridge and a little island with a secret if you dig in the center you may post remixes of my little maps comment on my maps or do anything else pertaining to the maps first house V2.cw first house.cw also not sure if posting my maps on a forum i made is allowed but i hope it is though ive seen stuff like my world get deleted but this isnt just one world its all of my worlds that i make, others remixes of worlds i make if they wish to do so, and conversations about said worlds and just general stuff pertaining to classicube for some basic stuff in this forumthread that you should know id prefer there be no harsh language (like slurs racism or anti lgbtq stuff to clarify) while i may use it i do not condone the use of swearing but in all reality (unlike slurs which actually have meaning behind it) they are just words that were twisted to mean something someone made up so if its possible dont cuss but its whatever
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