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  1. Crash time: 19/09/2023 15:46:36 ClassiCube crashed. Reason: Unhandled ACCESS VIOLATION error at 00000013 [0x00000001, 0xB1000000,] Commit SHA: 1043e48a (OpenGL) --registers -- eax-00000070 ebx-8243AADO ecx-28F7A100 edx-8243A17C esi-6919ED3C edi-69000000 eip-00000013 ebp-0091F72C esp-0091F710 backtrace 00000013 - modules -- DDRAW.DLL - BAAA0000-BAAECFFF VERSION.DLL BFE70000-BFE75FFF HTDLL.DLL - BFEE 0000-BFEE4FFF SISGL.DLL - 69000000-691F1FFF WS2_32.DLL - 75E80000-75E91FFF WIHIHET.DLL - 76150000-761C0FFF MS2HELP.DLL -75E60000-75E65FFF CLASSICUBE.EXE - 00400000-006E OFFF WIHMM.DLL - BFDF 0000-BFDFFFFF OPENGL32.DLL - 78A20000-78AECFFF DCIMAH32.DLL 7E250000-7E255FFF GLU32.DLL - 7D340000-7D362FFF CRTDLL.DLL - 7FC00000-7FC2BFFF MSUCRT.DLL 00-7803FFFF IMAGEHLP.DLL - 7CD70000-7CD8CFFF COMDLG32.DLL - 7FE10000-7FE3CFFF SHELL32.DLL - 7FCB0000-7FE09FFF COMCTL32.DLL - BFB70000-BFBF7FFF
  2. Hi im using Classic Cube 1.3.6 in Windows 98 and wen I click in single player appears this error" ClassiCube crashed. Reason: Unhandled ACCESS_VIOLATION error at 00000013 [0x00000001 0xB1000000,] Commit SHA: 1d43e48a (OpenGL) Full details of the crash have been logged to 'client.log'. Please report this on the ClassiCube forums or to UnknownShadow200. 00000013- "
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