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  1. Literally click everything except "Single player"
  2. Never mind, I shortened the link, but the model still remains textureless even though I saw the skin for a millisecond IT WORKED, THANK YOU SO MUCH
  3. I try to link an url to the model and it says "The skin must be 64 characters or less", what do I do?
  4. There it is. Thank you very much in advance! thickarmmem(2).bbmodel
  5. I feel very stupid right now :[ I've tried to create a model based on my human skin but just with extra additions like ears and nose. And as I can see the model itself loaded perfectly with animations that are already properly set, but the textures... are a mess really. You can see in the spoilers usesHumanSkin = true usesHumanSkin = false Maybee I fucked up somewhere in the BlockBench itself, through other tests this is the best I've got, though. Take a look, anyway
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