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  1. Thanks. I'll just run your provided CLI binary for now. I'll try again to compile once I finish installing mono 6.1 via macports - it's been working at compiling it and all its dependencies for 2 days now.
  2. FWIW I had some time again today and tried again to compile MCGalaxy for .NET 2.0 following your instructions. I made the changes as indicated but it fails to compile. This is on OSX 10.4.11 with Mono 2.6. I'm attaching the error log. errors2.txt
  3. Just run ClassiCube on another machine, be it Windows, Linux or OSX - it will download resources and create folders for them inside the same folder you run ClassiCube from. Copy those folders over to the G4 and put them in the same folder as the game binary. That's all.
  4. Of course after I copied the MySQL dll to its proper place, the CLI works.
  5. The CLI gives me this (see screenshot) If you want I can give you access to a qemu image with OSX 10.4.11 and Xcode 2.5/Mono 2.6 installed plus all the various binaries that I have, and the script to run it. It should run with any reasonably recent qemu-system-ppc. It's a 3.6GB download. It looks like it can't download MySQL.Data.dll (it does create an empty file with that name in the folder)
  6. It creates a "logs" folder. I'm attaching the contents of the folder. No server.properties logs.zip
  7. Attaching the error log (also it seems that I cannot download attachments from this forum using TenFourFox, I'll have to download it on another machine and transfer the binary package over to the G4) MCGalaxy-errors.txt The binary you attached doesn't seem to run properly with Mono 2.6 on OSX 10.4.11. It keeps trying to open a new terminal, failing (? crashing) and doing it again and again. No error messages in the original terminal where I started it from.
  8. Yeah, installing an updated libiconv through macports didn't change anything. The installation succeeded, but mono still only sees the original system library (which came with Xcode 2.5 I think) and complains about its incompatible version. I wonder however - if I uninstall Mono 2.8 (which I have installed now, though non-functional) and install mono through macports (it's version 6.12) would MCGalaxy be able to be built and run using that? I may give it a try when I have time. It will take a very long time to compile mono on this machine. (the "bootstrap" version of gcc 4.2 took 3.5h) (edit) yeah that won't be viable. The macports version of mono pulls in about 30 other dependencies which would take days to compile. So I went back to Mono 2.6 and tried to compile MCGalaxy against it. I'm not familiar at all with .NET/Mono; I went through all the .csproj files and changed all references to TargetFramework to 2.0 but that doesn't allow it to compile. I got 41 errors, I can attach the log file if you want. Same happens if I change the references to netstandard2.0. Not sure where to define NET_20 - in MCGalaxy.sln?
  9. I'm trying to see if updating libiconv by using MacPorts will allow the current .NET 4 binary run with Mono 2.8 - it takes a long time to install though (needs to compile gcc 4.2 first, and on a 450MHz G4 that's going to be a while). I will update here if it works. If not, I will downgrade Mono to 2.6 and try to compile against .NET 2.0 as you suggested. I wasn't even aware that it was a possibility. 🙂
  10. Thanks, I have actually done exactly that - downloaded the resources on my Linux box and copied them over the OSX machine. And the TLS 1.2 issue explains it. Also, macports doesn't seem to have an updated libcurl. All I find are perl, python and Tcl bindings to curl - not an updated libcurl itself.
  11. I am trying to run a MCGalaxy server on OSX 10.4 on a G4 mac. The issue I have is the following: -MCGalaxy requires .NET 4. The oldest version of Mono that provides that is 2.8. However, 2.8 requires libiconv version 7 or later, and OSX 10.4 only provides version 5. -the latest version of Mono that works with libiconv 5 is 2.6, but that does not provide compatibility with .NET 4. Has anyone ever run MCGalaxy on OSX 10.4, and if so how? Is there a way to update libiconv on OSX 10.4 to version 7 or later?
  12. On OSX 10.4.11 I have installed Xcode 2.5, downloaded the sources as of today from github and compiled a binary of 1.3.5. It was successful apart from a few warnings. Of course I enabled OpenGL 1.1 only. The binary runs, but it fails repeatedly to download some of the resources. It does download a few of them, but then refuses to download the rest. I can attach a screenshot of the error (SSL error). Is there a solution for that? Thanks!
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