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  1. for classicube its a IBM PC300GL 6282-74U from 1996 Its specs are Pentium MMX 200MHz 32MB of PC66 SDRAM 3Dfx Voodoo2 8MB 128MB of GLide cache Intel i430vx (this is important cause it makes this things performance feel a bit slow) 16GB Quantum Fireball CX 5400RPM Soundblaster VIBRA 16S CT2900 for internet either a 10Mbit 10-BaseT Ethernet card or a 3COM USRobotics 56k v.90 Winmodem Running Windows® 95 OSR 2.5 with XUSBSUPP for actual USB support There are pics of it running in the classicube discord or I can upload one here if anyone cares to see this thing running classicube
  2. The new exe on classicube.net is compiled for i586 CPUs with OpenGL 1.1 for better support for older Pentium 1 era systems. And I can confirm the game does crash when enabling both sound and music (in the i586 build). When you enable both music and sound in the OpenGL 1.1 build the game does not crash but it does not play the sounds sending a message in chat saying "MMSYSTEM004 The specified device is already in use. Wait until it is free, and then try again. I will let UnknownShadow know about the crashing when both music and sound are enabled at the same time. (P.s have you tried playing in windowed mode in a small window? it boosts fps by a bit) edit: Are you in the Discord server? if you are not can I mention you in the report and upload your client.log file? along with mine for a larger sample size
  3. it is basically the 32bit version but it is compiled so that the OpenGL1.1 support actually works instead of not working. that is the only difference. you can also check the github for more info on the OpenGL build if you want to compile it yourself instead of a random on the internet giving you a exe
  4. I came pretty close to oldest yesterday but this Compaq is technically older. I was getting about 7fps in a very tiny window with everything at lowest Windows 95B OSR 2.1 on a Pentium 200 MMX, 32MB of ram and a Cirrus Logic CL-GD5446 2MB with a 8MB 3dfx Voodoo2 for 3D. I compiled (with help from people in the discord) a version that runs on windows 9x in OpenGL 1.1 and can provide it if you can't compile one yourself
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