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  1. Lemmis anarchy server is botting, couldnt get tab screenshot cuz windows weird (has around 20 bots and they are autobuilding to)
  2. the server finally connected sometime yesterday night
  3. for some reason it cant connect (i use lemmehost) it might be a bug but idk
  4. lmao like litearly no one talkin bout this that i know btw its on Iwasntfounds goofy ah free op server
  5. my friend wants to invite me to his console with lemehost, but it dosent work?
  6. i posted the same thing 21hr ago so i think it just got removed or somthing is there a way to change the limit of the title characters?
  7. I want to change the title limit of characters but idk how, is there a way?
  8. i dont think there is but if there is reply
  9. yes idk what is happening tho
  10. Ghost world has botted players, ran by Rainb0wSkeppy (or whatever the name is) it has around 70+ players (4:15 march 29 2023) EDIT: new image ITS RISING BY THE MINUTE NEW EDIT: 1K PLAYERS HOW???? please ban "Rainb0wSkeppy" or atleast remove the server 1069 players
  11. How do i get more blocks in my server? i tried adding infid but it didnt work
  12. i already have those in cc, is there any other client plugins?
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