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  1. That is a statement. Anyway, here is a link to a popular search engine where you can look for other online pixel art editors: https://www.google.com/ Also you may want to change the topic title to something more accurate, like, "semi-clueless person brags about upgrades they made to their old mac under the pretense of looking for an in-browser pixel art editor" Hope that helps 🙂
  2. I wish the OP would just tell us which server it was 😕 or it will forever remain a mystery :(( c'mon OP..
  3. One of my fav pixel arts on my fav server was gone and I decided to re-build it (idk why) at one point MESYETI shows up (not in video, too fast) and in my excitement I'm like "OMG HIII" and he disconnected instantly, which is a very common way of greeting someone, I think So there I am just placing blocks, on scaffolding cause I ain't got no wings I am 90% done and some dude shows up and in the blink of an eye, in front of my eyes, ye? he finishes it in 0.005s (not in video pc ran out of space while recording just before) And I'm like, to myself ".. it was that easy? ; - ; " having spent an hour+ on it mouse friend has their kobold friend back tho, it's all good
  4. ( yo bro i made a launcher for your launcher, in this post! 🙂) Launcher for Croby_egg's classicube launcher _ Launch Croby_egg's classicube launcher © 2023 - Player2
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