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  1. Taunt


    Hm yea that does make sense. Sorry for the slight misunderstanding. I was led to thinking it was dead due to the couple times i've joined recently when it was, well, pretty empty. Guess it was just some unlucky joins. What i said about appreciating the devs and contributors to the game (like you) still stands though. Thanks for the explanation!!
  2. Taunt


    When did ClassiCube die? It's very sad to join on this account (sadly forgot my other one, my name was "Xotiic") and see how empty all the servers are. I made so many memories on this cool game, and i thank and appreciate the Devs and whoever else contributed to making this site as great as it was when i was playing. I really hope one day it might pick up it's former glory and i might return to have some more fun. But until then, byebye :)
  3. I think it's very nice so far. Keep up the great work, I'll be rooting for you!!
  4. Awesome! Though I've never much played minesweeper, i have heard of it. and this show of creativity and design is amazing. You're an awesome individual, same goes for Rulja1234+
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