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  1. Alright so, I'm having some trouble setting up a custom command that is supposed to run a very specific command. I'm using it to allow players to switch between ranks without giving permission to make themselves something i dont want them to be like an operator or something like that. My current approach is trying to make it run via the console I have had little success and even less sleep. If anyone can give any advice or a piece of code that run commands in the server console, I would really appreciate it.
  2. I was looking for a prison/cops and robbers like mini-game and was disappointed not to find one so i decided to make it myself. However I am having trouble setting up certain features, Here is a list of the features I am planning on adding and my confidence I can implement them. Features may be negotiable to an extent. A prison map to play on - Do able no hax - easily done Health system - unsure how to implement but have seen in action different spawns (prisoners spawn in their own cell and warden/cops spawn in their own room) - Unsure if possible round timer and role reset + randomization - somewhat doable guns and batons for cops - somewhat doable player controlled switches for prison doors - unsure if possible cop only room - unsure prisoner weapons? - potential balance issue and not important to core game play I feel this could be very fun if I ever complete it. I am willing to dumb down some features if they are to difficult to implement as stated. If there are any resources or suggestions your willing to give id be grateful, thank you! Not sure if I posted in the right section, affirmation appreciated. EDIT: Merry Christmas btw!
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