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  1. So uh, This is the closest thing i can get to off-topic. I got banned from the land of birds, i didn't really do much. I never got a FU- i mean freaking kick beforehand. So, Uni, if you're reading this, Screw you.
  2. I was on the land of birds, and i got muted because i said "pootis spenzer here" and they said shut up, I said "no" as a joke and got muted.
  3. You make a fair point, actually. And i'm surprised i haven't been banned yet.
  4. Ah, nice, another idiot that can't take jokes. The i am turkey thing obviously implied i meant the animal, as i said "gobbly" a bunch. Thanos eating cheerios, NO DUH that was a joke.
  5. gobblygobblygaa agabblygabblygoo agabblygabbly gaa AGABBLYGABBLY GOOOOOo
  6. Faun's garden. It ain't as strict as not awesome 2. (No offense, goodly.) In not awesome 2, everyone is like "omg date me have babies with me omg omg" In faun's garden, everyone is super calm. imagine getting muted for a day for typing "kjdashajhf" into chat
  7. yes ok i will download linux terminal on school chromebook
  8. nah its thanos beatboxing brr and asdwasdwaiojwdl brr br semi brr brr semi brr semi brr semi brr brr
  9. omg!!!!!111!!!! pewdyepi hatr!!!!!! u suk so mucc!!! u ar poo poo hhaahahahahha stinkyyyy poopoo peepee My real opinion: You shouldn't cha cha slide and make an entire hate post on pewdiepie if you KNOW you're gonna get hated, Be smart, Don't be an absolute idiot.
  10. We have CC on all other platforms, chromebook users are very limited and should have CC for their device, And then we could all use plugins.
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