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  1. Well we are in pakistan so there are no nintendo switches and they are expensive
  2. I can't create an account for my sister ●My sister loves classicube and loves multiplayer especially minecraft classic cube is the closest game to minecraft and if you ask that just play minecraft then on bedrock she doesn't have a microsoft account or a java edition account so pls help 123dmwm or andrewph
  3. NEVER GONNA GIVE U UP Never gonna let u down (Sorry for rick roll)
  4. Yeah ur right i also downloaded minecraft pe from there
  5. Bonzi buddy the dumb gorilla? He's malware And never trust him
  6. So why are you being dumb and not using common sense Plus ur not the guidelines lol
  7. Why would someone move to Detroit just for a gamemode Plus there ain't no shit in detroit Please use common sense It is even written in the guidelines
  8. I tried to make a second account sevral times but it says "We were unable to create your account try again in an hour or assume something is being worked on" But i also have a question is there a new version coming out?
  9. I don't know play old versions of minecraft java?
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