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  1. I recently changed my skin from the duck to something else, but it won't change in-game. (Yes, I remembered to hit 'save' on my profile page.) I've already tried logging in and several times and reconnecting to the server I was on, but no luck. Any suggestions? Am I doing this wrong? Edit: I realized that this problem is only happening on NA2, in levels where there is a bot of myself. For example, in my own NA2 map, I have a bot of myself with my old skin. Tried removing the bot and adding it again, new skin still didn't work. (It's also happening in main5, because of the bot of 'yourself' standing in front of the entrance.) So my updated skin works in most maps except for the ones that still have me and my old skin in them. How can I fix that, or make those bots update?
  2. And how can i do that?
  3. Sorry I'm new to playing classicube online. I mean the mode where when you mine things it takes longer. and when you can switch what you're holding in the bottom with Q. And when there is a display of lives at the bottom too.
  4. so i'm mining blocks in survival mode, but i can't place them. how do you place blocks in survival
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