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  1. You obviously don't know a misunderstanding, you're one of the most retarded community members. This game's community is mentally retarded as they think I cause drama when it's this retarded community full of fucking idiots causing the fucking damn drama. You people need to fucking touch grass, you bitchless motherfuckers. And go ahead, and terminate my account. I have Dire, Just_A_Gamer069, HDfsyu, & ikkebinz on my side.
  2. Yeah, I agree For some reason, me saying what I am is mocking the LGBT and I kept explaining that to Goodly and he didn't listen. I forgot to add that to the previous reply I sent to LegoSpaceGuy
  3. Goodly thought I was mocking the LGBT because I said I was Pansexual, Pangender, Catgender, and Panromantic
  4. Again, I was not mocking the LGBT, I think I was just misunderstood
  5. I love how AndrewPH is reacting but not really answering my question.
  6. I was trying not to give hate speech, I was trying to chat
  7. I was kicked, not banned from what I was told.
  8. Hi, I was banned from the Discord for no reason and I want to know why. I know I was kicked for "mocking" the LGBT community which was never intended. But, I never got a reason why I was banned from the Discord.
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