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  1. oink

    controller support

    well since i'm young and my mom doesn't have a good paying job its kind of hard to save up for even a decent computer
  2. oink

    controller support

    well with what you said im assuming i cant use it on the web client
  3. oink

    controller support

    i was wondering if there was a way to make it so i could use like a nintendo switch or xbox controller for classicube.
  4. lol profanity, also its not that bad because you get the free cape. (yes the cape is all that matters)
  5. hmmmm well if you are using mc galaxy you could just use commands
  6. you can also use blockbench oops i just clicked on the link sorry
  7. oink


    but is there also a way to do it on the web client?
  8. oink


    could someone please help me with the texture packs, also i would like to know how to make them
  9. hmmmm have you tried rebooting your chromebook?
  10. oink

    sign in

    irazlad what kind of problem are you having
  11. oink


    nvm i got it
  12. yeah its a little wonky but after a few tries it worked for me. p.s im playing on Chromebook and it works very well for me
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