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  1. As I mentioned before, I am a chromie... There is this service named Linode which is a linux virtual Lish-Based Command Line.. Should I try to make a ClassiCube server for $5/mo?
  2. No, This isn't true, I am a chill person.
  3. Nah, I'm a chill person.
  4. I have HTTPS enforced on my site, But chrome keeps switching from HTTPS to HTTP, anyone got a fix? Registrar: FreeNom Host: InfinityFree Cloudflare: yes It was already solved on discord.
  5. Hey, Guys! I'm a chromie. (Just so y'all know.) So yeah (And no I'm NOT toxic and do NOT cause any drama.) Admins, Feel free to ban me for this post if you would like.
  6. Copines - (Unknown) Toxic Friends - BoyWIthUke Halcyon - Creo Drift - Creo Losing Interest - CuBox (Favorite)
  7. Yes, There is. Hit F11 If you're on ChromeBook, PixelBook or chromebox hit Search (🔍) and Vol_UP
  8. Oh ok! Thanks for telling me! I will try and open a server on a VirtualBox virtual machine.
  9. How do I use local LAN support for single-player? It would be a great feature. If it is unsupported please let me know. (And yes I know I may host a private server but unfortunately I'm a chromie, And cannot host servers due to my OS running vista x64.)
  10. Hello, I can not find the server. May you please reply to this message with a link and/or IP Address. Thanks!
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