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  1. Sounds really cool, can you open source the bedwars code to GitHub when you're finished?
  2. The developers should add /skin command to singleplayer, you could either have it get the skin texture from your desktop (download client only) or from a URL.
  3. Oh okay thanks for the reply.
  4. I might download the itch.io version of ClassiCube and pay for it there. I've heard the money goes to Goodly?
  5. no, mcgalaxy (even after i set public to false) still says it fails to connect to 25565 and wants me to port forward, and i just want a lan server
  6. I want to run my server on lan (after giving up port forwarding) and now it keeps telling me it cant listen in on 25565 even though i want lan! HELPP
  7. oh srry Something is happening, says it is listening on a port 25565, which I have in my port forwarding, now its not accepting the port forward ip and port i set, but it says I have a server!!
  8. Cannot open assembly 'MCGalaxyCLI.exe': No such file or directory.
  9. Bro, the github just tells me to install mono, like installing mono magically gives me mcgalaxy, can I please have some help installing mcgalaxy on linux
  10. So, I was in a server and I said I have to go for a few min, I come back and my pc froze from overheating, so when I get it running again and try to login to the server, it says it is already logged in. On 2 seperate accounts. Does it still think I was logged in from when the PC froze?
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