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  1. WOW THAT WORKED NOW I HAVE A LINK. Can someone test this link to see if it gets on a server?http://www.classicube.net/server/play/7012d85b17cf1bb326da5d16944aeaed/
  2. I have google wifi.Any other solutions
  3. I need help creating a server. Whenever I create a server I get a error message (port 25565 not open, you may need to port forward it) and see what I did in that little box over there. It still shows that stupid error when I restart the server. This is frustrating and I have tried this on so many ports. Any help? Plus the McGalaxy page does not include even some help for this problem.
  4. Oh thats what had happened to the servers
  5. I just came online on classicube and found out that servers were missing from the server list that existed some time ago Here are the servers that I used to play on with a different account(that account I forgot the password and that email got hacked) na2 survival Mastorlazorx idk the ful name of the server ClassiBuild
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