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  1. follow the instructions on the github, download the loader plugin, put it in the plugins folder then view the rest of the instructions
  2. Hey! So I want to know how can I decompile plugins? Lets say if I have a binary file for a plugin but I wanna view the source. How would I do this?
  3. Alright, I will listen to all of you guys. Thank you for the support!
  4. Hmmmmm I am the server host, however I am not the owner, someone told me to host it for them and I am using a laptop to host the server
  5. How do I make someone have full access to the server's console without sending server files to them and while I am still hosting it? They said there is a way to do this and you have to send the invite by Email... Please help
  6. thanks for the help guys, i will be sure to follow your instructions!
  7. Hey everyone! So I found an AntiDDOS plugin for only MCGalaxy, but my server has Dual-Heartbeat and is running on SuperNova, so if I move to MCGalaxy will there be a way to make Dual-Heartbeat still work and if so how?
  8. @Hayden_Classic thanks for reacting to the message btw
  9. I legit just did this because it was cool and I wanted to show some people what I can do!
  10. Hey I made a cool screenshot on a server named "Very unfinished server" I would like to show everyone the picture https://prnt.sc/25liijo
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