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  1. Pretty sure it would break due to requiring a Minecraft account
  2. Found some emails! Gonna try contacting all of them Found your email and since you had some things I am sure someone else has something bruh 6 out of the 18 emails are disabled now lmao
  3. Thanks might update my servers like Generic since it seems less resource intensive
  4. As in if I only want 20-23a to connect how do I do that?
  5. Know anywhere I can go to get any luck finding Hyvebuilt Mynecraft or OpenClassic?
  6. So I have been archiving some old servers and cannot find one type of server: Myne I am looking specifically: Myne, Mynecraft, Hyvebuilt, Arc , iCraft 1 and/or iCraft 2 If anyone can lead me to somewhere I might find it it would be appreciated Already searched all the download links on minecraftforum.net and searched github UPDATE: 3 / 5 Myne servers have been found EDIT: On the hunt for another server: OpenClassic (I just want the server) (originally hosted on github but couldnt find a fork myself)
  7. Hedwig7s


    I still question it but not gonna argue
  8. Like the /os one "SuperOP+ can change the owner of overseer worlds"
  9. Every time I start the server I get a weird error (in the now removed log) and cant fix it Ever since updating, the server will kick you and tell you "Use ClassiCube with Enhanced mode" even if you join on ClassiCube® Enhanced™️ How do I fix this?
  10. Yours just gives me a blank screen when loading into the game
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