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  1. i asked for something to put in option.txt not for chromebook so stop showing me these post from other people and also your rank is schoolkid so idk why your talking you play on a chromebook kid
  2. i know this issue has been resolved but.... what is the survival test for single player that you but in option.txt
  3. yes but how do i clear my cache on a chromebook and for one im 13 not 9
  4. i can't join servers on my web browser but i can only join servers that are like on lemehost and texture won't load i need help because i tierd of playing cc on my phones web browser i need to play on my chromebooks web browser but every time it lets me on my computer it just like don't load ui textures and i am going to need help i want to join na2 but it wont let me please asist me on this issue i whould really aprisiate it from: deadkiller101 to: classicube members
  5. i need help it worked the first time it loaded everything but now well the screen shot will speak for itself. i cant seem to get the ui to load its always white but the only thing that load is the blocks and i tried resetting my settings but notting i will need help with this issue and i can't do it with out help i am my house tech guy i am a tech specialist (even at my age its amazing i am this good with tech im 13 by the way so i meet the classicube age reqierment) so if yall can give me tips i will really apresiat them. from: deadkiller101 to: yall guys
  6. im using a web browser and it does it for na2 and my own server but the thing about it i can go on plase.cs well i got it to work i just needed to go to my setting then disable java on the browser then reload the website then allow java thx goodlyay you help so thank you for the help
  7. i need help with this it does it with my yt account and my first ever account i made i need help if anyone has any answers please tell me from: deadkiller101 to: classicube users
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