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  1. how do i make it so when i use /door it makes the door stone brick and not wood u know what nvm i find out just now
  2. ok but when i do it don't let me get the blocks i'm trying to see how to add blocks to my server from a dif server nvm i don't need it
  3. how do i take a terrain.png link from a server that is not my server i need help 😞
  4. i did the website if you are on a chromebook go to the website @FaeEmpress send because its a cool project and i played it for 3h 50s straight and i love your project and i want to be a person that make's website's like that thx for making a cool website i am going to play it on my YT account my yt is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs9C6o319aFYb7xpNEGiL7Q and i am going to make a website like this i just need my frends to like my projects on a codeing website name https://scratch.mit.edu/ thx for making a cool website i love it i am going to make YT vids on it from @deadkiller101
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