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  1. HEREGO195

    A question

    Is there any place where we can see the history of the servers we have visited??
  2. Toby The skin has only changed on the ZS server ONLY!
  3. This is to inform all that a player named Toby has taken my skin away and is not giving it back. I want it back or else this report will go to AndrewPH LAST WARNING Toby!!!!
  4. How to delete map backups of your own map?
  5. HEREGO195

    Please tell.

    Respected Owner of Server named place.cc This is to bring to your kind notice that I had made a private map on your server. I was building on that map when I had to go for some urgent work. When I came to Classicube the next , I saw that the server was not in the server's list. It's been 1 week since the server was online. Please let me know when the server will be online again. If there is some issue than no hurry, I will wait.:) Regards HEREGO195(Harry)
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