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  1. Nvm, got it working. I guess the Mp map was too big, so it crashed.
  2. Well I tried to save a multiplayer map, with custom blocks and load it in singleplayer, but it crashes with this: Crash time: 02/07/2021 14:23:57 ClassiCube crashed. Reason: Unhandled exception 0xC00000FD at 0x000000000041FE23 [0x0000000000000001,0x0000000000713FF8,] Commit SHA: 0421d68 -- registers -- rax=0000000000000029 rbx=0000000000000004 rcx=00000000000000A0 rdx=0000000000000029 rsi=0000000000000049 rdi=000000000669F040 rip=000000000041FE23 rbp=000000000117BA00 rsp=0000000000714000 r8 =00000000000000A4 r9 =000000000000000C r10=000000000003D090 r11=000000000000000C r12=000000000000009F r13=0000000000000030 r14=000000000000003F r15=00000000003955CB -- backtrace --
  3. So, I downloaded a texture pack called redux2.zip. The texture pack adds more blocks, but if I go into singleplayer, there are no custom blocks. Just the default ones, some with corrupted textures. How do I enable custom blocks for singleplayer?
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