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  1. Is there a World Edit equivalent in MCGalaxy? Also does anyone know where in-game screenshots go to?
  2. So I promoted my server on my Instagram, and I see a bunch of IPs joining, then getting kicked for "Unknown Opcode" why is this happening?
  3. Like if I disable fly and noclip, can I keep them enabled just for myself?
  4. Is it possible to bypass your own restrictions as SuperOP?
  5. It wouldn't even be possible to create a Bot that pays the player when clicked on then disappears? And how do I install that plugin?
  6. MCGalaxy Server: I want to add hidden interactable objects in my world that my players can find and receive some kind of reward, but only work once and possibly only for 1 player. Is there also a way I can distribute these objects randomly across the world?
  7. Is it possible to prevent players from flying or using NoClip on my MCGalaxy server but still allow them to use enhanced speed? Also, is it possible to replace all of one block on a map with another block? I want to replace all of the grass with Lava.
  8. How do I prevent players from building in certain areas on an MCGalaxy server? Can I allow my players to claim areas of their own to protect their builds? Also, I tried making Grass a kill block, but it doesn't seem to be working. How do kill blocks work? And is there a resource where I can get the answers to these questions myself?
  9. I'm thinking of using DigitalOcean. Can I run servers on Linux?
  10. I saw that ClassiCube has many different applications for running servers, but I imagine that none of these will work on traditional server websites for a block game made by a fat Swedish man such as CubedHost and ApexHosting. Is it possible that I can host a server without running it on my own machine? Are there any server hosting websites or online virtual machines you'd recommend? How much RAM is required to run ClassiCube servers?
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