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  1. yo didn't know you were a bling bling boy fan that's lit fam sheeeeeesh
  2. yeah k scooby snacks bigfoot garlic mayo
  3. ohhh holy guacamole that's kinda sad why not bro private msg me goddly i would like to talk more about the future of cube craft x 07922463349
  4. hi devs i think it would good be a good recommendation that the ore blocks get a more realistic texture update as well as implemented new ores to find as well for example; lapis, diamonds and emeralds to find. who agrees
  5. hey goodly my friend j.vicky is sorry for using this platform to sell his crack he deeply apologizes and hasn't stopped crying since the ban. thanks for your love navaj22x and j.vicky
  6. can people help me join servers im confused
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