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  1. hanpy

    plz help me

    thanks that helped
  2. hanpy

    plz help me

    how do u make it that someone cant build in a area
  3. u came back after 3 weeks 😕
  4. i can send u the link rn if u want 😄
  5. i posted the vid jack come to na2 to show u it
  6. im a good builder i build good builds
  7. why i would like to be admin 1.i helped 4 servers before 2. if u want to see my best build go to hanpy+2 to see my best build 3. to help the server from abusers i have helped servers with mains and maps also i would like to be admin cus if someone ever abuses their power i can inform u fast also cus i want to help the sever go up and not down
  8. how u exploed ?!
  9. hanpy


    i would try 21 times until i break my computer
  10. i am proud for u
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