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  1. i remember u cus i played with u before but i dont think u know me
  2. hanpy

    i need actors

    i would say no to u but i still think u as a friend so u can be in it
  3. hanpy

    i need actors

    all of us will make our own movie
  4. im makeing a new server of a story im looking for someone to help me dm me and ill give u more info and ill whitelist u in the server
  5. hanpy

    i need actors

    in my server Starlight there is going to be a event about people acting for a movie dm if u will like to enter who ever enters will get a rank up and if u dm all of us aere going to make our own movie spots: 10
  6. ok when do u want to start sorry for not replying for a long time
  7. i cant make one u can keep nobody and u can be owner i can be co owner if u want but can i someone make one for me if no its ok ik no one is going to do it cus why would they u do it but if someone wants to make a server for me dm me
  8. there is roles here dm me if u want to be in the team builder-builds the city crafter-crafts the blocks the brain-the one with the plans builder2-helps builder build the city i might add more later also the server is http://www.classicube.net/server/play/5f03ec929b67e4f8d1a5e2b60e12d688/
  9. hanpy

    is eddynetweb down

    cus evertime i try to make a server it does not work and i tried yesterday but it did not work
  10. oof welp guess ill try net time
  11. can someone one tell me whats is happing plzzzz
  12. i already tried that
  13. hanpy

    Please tell.

    oooo loook me 🙂
  14. i was trying to make a server and i press submit and this happend... its been like 5mins for so i tried it again and it still does the same thing
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