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  1. Hello im hanpy...Some may know me as :Printed,Slimey,or Corspez,even Sav. Im telling u this because i have lied to people in the past and i wish i acted more grown up before, But now im posting this to say sorry to the people who i have lied too. The truth is that for the past almost 2 years i been pretending to be a girl.. I was dumb back then,Im just here to say sorry for my mistakes.. Before i considered myself a girl: she/her Thats why i pretended to be a girl for some time... But seeing myself now i see my mistakes of the past i have hurt peoples feelings for them thinking im a real girl and not some boy that goes by: She/Her So to the people that i hurt Im Sorry,i truly am. (To Admins I have past any guidelines of some sort) Well that's all i have to say,because i might be playing classicube again for some time. I have to focus on my studies and not game's.So this is not a goodbye. Its a see you later...
  2. i know who u are but i wont help u find him that little toxic player
  3. 1 idk if ur going to get paid 2 like 7 3 its going to be a ls and a zs 4 its going to have a storyline
  4. oh its not free staff or builder u have to have experience to get it
  5. there is a new server called deadkiller101 and hanpy server and we need builders or staff plz dm if u want to builder or staff builder- build the maps staff-build and check on the server
  6. http://www.classicube.net/server/play/98674f765165069a60fe972ea581cf12/
  7. also cap i dont think fletch is going to giv eu co owner cus u keep getting mad at him
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