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  1. Let's goo! For anyone who wants to find the map, it should be /g swoozy+4 on NA2
  2. Seems cache is the answer. I play incognito and I tried in a normal window, and I was able to join servers. If you have the same problem, refresh cache. Thanks everyone for your help
  3. Let's go, what I have been exploring. Here's what I've discovered, but please note that I keep on finding harder jumps (these may not be the hardest): - Discovered a 3x1.5 jump is possible. 3x2 - 0.5 is similar, but easier. - Neos are tough, and require technique along with timing. Hard ones include double neo - 1, triple neo - 4. The hardest neos I can verify is a double neo - 0.5, maybe a neup with the slowest ice. - I refuse to believe that a neup or a straight double neo is impossible, but I cannot verify them 😞 - Rope / ladder / vine jumps are also a pain, those have the least patience for. As for your # of jumps until I quit, you can always come back tomorrow 🙂 that's how I learned neos in the first place. Hope this helps man Oh yeah and also, jumps with speed are just... please don't. Like maybe speed = 20 and there's a 10 block gap? Bruh, those are the hardest simply because no has the patience / desire to do them.
  4. Singleplayer is fine but joining any server is blocked, stuck on the screen of Preparing 2/3... Any help? I could try providing any info if needed. Thanks
  5. Hello all, been messing with Classicube parkour, and it's quite interesting. I've been wondering if there's any information on momentum building: i.e. does 'run'-jumping give momentum? a jump? head hitters? 45 strafes? Any kind of information would be great. I ask this because I've been wondering why I can't land a double neo. Looking for information on Classicube momentum, but a general discussion on its parkour would be fun as well.
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