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  1. I didn't ruin anything... also, why would I do that? I'm not that nostalgic
  2. Sure, you can help, but pros? This is my build, not anyone else's.
  3. 93! So close to 100!
  4. 89 I don't stay on for that much time cuz I got other stuff to do
  5. thanks you thought I was gonna give myself a better rating? Or that I should've given myself a worse rating? working on a background. Should come out in a few weeks!
  6. working on the background, might make the image look better.
  7. Yeah, I really need to work on the background...
  8. Idk how to make those types of images so Ima just say the number. 62!
  9. I'm new at this. More builds coming soon! Ima be honest, this is really not the best build I can probably make.
  10. 56! hope we get to 69! ik, the meme is probably dead
  11. I don't necessarily need help with anything,I was just wondering if it's a good idea to post polls to see if people like my builds in freebuilds. Is it?
  12. maybe choose a new skin that's a copy of the skin you want? idk cuz my skin uploaded instantly.
  13. looking at it, maybe a few months. idk cuz im just a random person. call me dumb. I probably deserve it.
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