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  1. swxggb3ii

    Bro help

    dead after your server got raided u never unbanned me so can you unban me pls?
  2. on my sandwhich I would put bacon egg and cheese
  3. sir0mac i know what is like becuz u know im co-owner so its hard when he trolls and gives a 5 year old who just learned some curse words access to console but not us
  4. when i get my own server i will make sure but its his server so its his fault
  5. no its friends so so my friend trusted the guy with console and ruined the server so its his lesson lol but ty
  6. he change console pass and didn't give it to me and got us all banned, i need help if anyone like ninja king could help pls do dm me dead killer for the console pass
  7. i cant seem to find deadkiller101's server, i have console and it wont load. can someone help me pls?
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