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  1. Ruckus

    Making Textures

    So all i just want to know is what you guys used to make your own textures. If anyone wants to contact me my Discord is _Ruckus_#2444
  2. Ruckus


    Oh hey swoozy
  3. He do be reading doe
  4. Why am I getting notifications for post that don’t make or comment on?
  5. Ruckus


    Maybe try to do /infectmessage and it’ll reset to its default form which is nothing
  6. 1.Racoons have steal up to 15,000 trash a day 2. You probably searched that up 4. It’s fake 5. Deers can become rapid 6. There is no number three 7. You probably went to check
  7. Hey everyone, I just wanted to ask if you guys will ever add name changes? Like if you accidentally named yourself something you didn’t like would you let them change it? And when they do change it they have to wait a certain amount of time to wait to change their name again. Idk just wondering, cause I don’t want to keep making accounts if I don’t like my name anymore
  8. Ruckus

    Imageprint Command

    Oh yeah sorry forgot to say that they helped already, but thanks bro
  9. Ruckus

    My Server

    I need help with the plugins and the blocks.
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