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  1. The poster has explicitly mentioned server hardware, so this is not the approporiate response to this question. Here is a detailed response: This is very specific to which server software you are using. I'm not very experienced with older classic Minecraft server softwares (or if you didn't even know you can host a ClassiCube server with them, now you do know!), for MCGalaxy you really just need at least 1/4 GB available of ram, and it doesn't really require much CPU. You could simply run this on Raspberry Pi, or other older laptops or desktops. The specs: You might need at least a few gigabytes of storage. However, this can all change. If you have more plugins, and if there are more players online, and that the plugins do register a over amount of events or such, then this will mean that you will need more RAM. For storage, this will take a lot of space if there are a large number of maps and backups. But most importantly is based on the blockdb data, which is stored for block changes that can be outputted to /about. You might need to occasionally delete it to free up storage if you don't have enough, or if you are like me, you can just buy a cheap HDD off eBay and call it a day and keep running the server.
  2. I don't think anything you ask applies to this question. The Poster has already stated that he is using a Mac with a downloaded client, and UnknownShadow has already addressed that he might need to download the root certificate. If you don't know how you want to respond, then it's best to not respond at all. Thank you for reading, 78donadams.
  3. Please do not mix up ClassiCube and MCGalaxy plugins, as ClassiCube plugins are for the downloaded game client, whereas MCGalaxy is the server software, and can enhance features for your server. For ClassiCube plugins, here is a nice list of plugins (I'm aware someone already posted this, but I will put it here again๐Ÿ˜ž SpiralP's CEF plugin, allows for you to view web pages within ClassiCube and listen to sound tracks within servers: https://github.com/SpiralP/classicube-cef-loader-plugin SpiralP's chatsounds plugin, plays sounds effects of the message you and others send: https://github.com/SpiralP/classicube-chatsounds-plugin Other plugins in UnknownShadow's Github repository: https://github.com/ClassiCube/ClassiCube-Plugins For MCGalaxy plugins, here are some links to Github repos: https://github.com/ddinan/classicube-stuff https://github.com/ClassiCube/MCGalaxy-Plugins Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. Going to school isn't a bad thing, and if you are going to just say that "[you are going to] high school cuz [you] wanted to" and put it like that, then no one will still care. I hope you understand that High School is way more than just middle school, all fun and games. If you want to have a life, build skills, make friends, then I'd very well recommend for you to try and achieve in your classes. This way, even if you can't pass, everyone will still support you.
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