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  1. Jeez! that's a tough question to ask, especially if i consider childhood classics, and modern games. I think that if i boiled it down, my favorite would be Halo: Combat Evolved. Second would be super mario 64.
  2. There is no "best" programming language. Find one and stick with it. Once you get good at one of them, the others become WAY easier to learn. I would say learning the most low level language that you can handle will help you more in the long run, as it will teach you the most on how a computer works.
  3. 1. Halo theme - Martin o' Donnell. 2. siege of madrigal - Martin o' Donnell. 3. Space for rent - Thomas Bergersen. 4. Color the sky - Thomas Bergersen. 5. Super Mario 64 theme.
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