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  1. Jeez! that's a tough question to ask, especially if i consider childhood classics, and modern games. I think that if i boiled it down, my favorite would be Halo: Combat Evolved. Second would be super mario 64.
  2. There is no "best" programming language. Find one and stick with it. Once you get good at one of them, the others become WAY easier to learn. I would say learning the most low level language that you can handle will help you more in the long run, as it will teach you the most on how a computer works.
  3. I am no where near being a professional programmer, but i can say that this is the dumbest post i have seen yet. Just because something is made in the same programming language(c or c++ in this case) does NOT mean you can just reuse a function or some portion of code. Since you used the backwards long jump(BLJ) as an example, i can say with full confidence that you would have to reprogram the physics engine in Classicube to do that. Good lord, it sounds like a nightmare just setting up a workspace to do that in...
  4. 1. Halo theme - Martin o' Donnell. 2. siege of madrigal - Martin o' Donnell. 3. Space for rent - Thomas Bergersen. 4. Color the sky - Thomas Bergersen. 5. Super Mario 64 theme.
  5. Hey, thanks for the answer! this is exactly what i needed to see. I was wondering if there was a way to make a mod, without having to compile a custom version of classicube. I was wondering whether or not i could use my mod on any classicube installation(assuming it is the right version) once it is completed.
  6. Thanks for your response! I was wondering whether or not plugins were sort of like a modding api. I guess i will have to implement it directly in the game's source code.
  7. Okay, i think i worded my question badly. are plugins for server sided mods only? and if not, can you make singleplayer components with plugins?
  8. Hello! so i am wanting to make a survival mod for classicube and i was wondering if plugins work as mods. Thank you! Best Regards, ItzSgtTanker
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