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  1. Hi, I have been using the Always Classic for a while now and because I now just 'resume' I can get onto the site. If sign in, get the list of servers and look for Always Classic it is not there. I can still click on back button and then resume and get on the server but I don't know the address. Can someone help, the Always Classic server is active but it does not show on the Classicubes list? Thanks.
  2. I'm not the owner. I just wondered if there was a command I could use to hide the fact that I am staff
  3. OK thanks. Who controls ranks/properties?
  4. As I moderator many years ago on fcraft I used to change the colour of my name and make it look as if I was a guest to anyone I spoke to. Mcgalaxy has [administrator] before the name, is it possible for me as an admin to remove that?
  5. OK thanks, I tried and I don't think it works on the server I am on, shame really. I wonder if there is a similar command on mcgalaxy?
  6. I seem to remember on a server I had bitd that if I had already entered a players name, say, to do /whois, I could use an abbreviation to use it again to, say, /up that player? do you know what I am talking about?
  7. is it possible to use /write or /wrt to write lower case letter?
  8. Thanks goodly that is what I wanted. What is the difference between user names and nicks?
  9. As Staff I see peoples other nicks (I assume I am seeing all the nicks registered to a particular ip address?) when they join the server. Is there a command to let me see them if they are already on, I thought whois might do it but it doesn't?
  10. Thanks That got it. I was doing /ma before /fixgrass. Thanks for the prompt reply.
  11. If I try to use /ma I get 'cannot mark, no selection in progress' how do I use /ma to do things like /fixgrass?
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