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  1. Could use /reach to set the distance of how far you can place things, then use /sphere with sand and physics on, after you've made a rough mountain-shape you can modify it by hand so it ends out the way you want it to be. Then use /replace (sand) with whatever block you want it to be, i.e stone. Reach isn't needed but it helps since it's just a QoL thing, don't have to no-clip through the spheres and you can make them from a further distance. That's at least one way of doing it quicker without the help of /smooth and other advanced commands or techniques. Alternatively build it by hand from scratch, however that just takes a long time.
  2. Seal - Kiss From a Rose Tokio Hotel - Monsoon STARSET - The Breach Tom Jones - It's Not Unusual Måns Zelmerlöw - One
  3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, easily one of- if not the dumbest purchase I've made and I've done quite the amount of those. Many years later and I still get haunted by it in my Steam library.
  4. A supreme example of getting caught in 4K. Congratulations, you played yourself.
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