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  1. Tbh andrew delete my account on everything Just ip Ban me
  2. To change ur skin when you create an account and ur on browser it says ur name at the top corner of ur screen, Click on your name then scroll down. < <skin You have to make an account first to join lobbies other wise if u have their will be an play button and then shows u all of the lobbies
  3. Hey everyone recently i was trying to get Pvp on my server but theirs no file for Pvp in mcgalaxy plugins folder, From what my friends told me i need to jhave that. I tried to add pvp with out the script and it didn"t work. it says pvp.cs not found Can anyone help me with this or add pvp folder to my files (i use eddyn.net)
  4. So recently i made an server on classicube right. and i tried to get pvp and it didn't"t work, i tried again no sign I use eddyn.net for mc galaxy services Can anyone do this for me or like record an video on how to add it (make sure ur using eedyn.net or idk)
  5. can we just feet up and do this?
  6. it doesn"t can we just meet up in game?
  7. i dont know what you meant in general but i like to listen to creators like kidx, Dababy, Travis Scott, and thats it
  8. Ok everyone i need help. How do i add more blocks to the inventory tab where u get blocks from theirs only like 20 or 26 blocks and i want more i run mcgalaxy software could anyone tell me or do an video on how todo it (i saw classicools question and i saw how todo it but its hard and complicated for me todo
  9. Hello evryone i need help with how to make so no one can build/delete certain blocks instead of changing the perbuild rank so no one can build anything?
  10. Join up if u want Server name: (Mintzy Smp Server (T5CS) or heres the link: http://www.classicube.net/server/play/b220bc47cf14ff331ffb8c9de15b850e/ we are just having fun and building and helping out hte owners ykw join if u want
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