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  1. Thanks for responding saying I'm dumb, geez.
  2. This is my main account, I would like the one I'm replying to (DJSlimeball) to be deleted and to change this one's username to DJSlimeball
  3. An app called Pixel Studio on android. Sorry for not responding...
  4. That isn't the problem, when I try to edit any of my texture packs, on my phone, then use it in-game, it straight up reverses the changes.
  5. I have tried using the texture packs, and it isn't a specific one, but I know it's a normal texture pack, I'll give you a random texture pack I made anyway though. 8x8 Texture Pack.zip
  6. Is there anyway to suggest this anywhere?
  7. I made a skin for myself, it has a transparent outer layer, and in the website's skin preview, it showed it as transparent, but in-game, it isn't transparent! Are there plans for adding actual transparent skins?
  8. Everytime I try to edit a texture pack on my phone, and use it in the ClassiCube Android Alpha, it doesn't work! The edit doesn't change anything, the texture stays the same as before...
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