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PLEASE HELP: Abusive inappropriate player


aaaa was BANNED for this post by AndrewPH

Ban Reason: Turn verify names on - 1 day

Hey, I'm using an alt to hopefully buy me some time to hopefully get a response before he finds this forum page and tries to ruin it.

There is a classicube player named ninjas20 who is already banned from a large number of servers, but has been coming on the Classibuild a Mikecraft server recently and using /imgprint to post porn. He has over 80+ alts which I would be happy to give a list of if necessary. He has been banned and ip banned multiple times, but he keeps coming back with alts and VPNs to avoid punishment. He has even logged on using names of other regular players on the server to gain permissions he should not have to try to promote his alts. Whenever he gets banned, he spams the server owner and co-owners with porn on discord until they unban him. I need help: I am reporting this player on the classicube forums but what do I do next?


This was my original post which got closed because the issue was "fixed"

the issue has not been resolved. The player is still logged in as 2 admins on the server who are trying to fight for their accounts back. he is also using alts and vpns to avoid any kind of punishment. Is there a way to remove this player?

If I am posting in the wrong place please tell me where I should post.

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