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Found 2 results

  1. MCClassic Hosting 2.0 (MCCH) | Comprehensive Hosting Solution Welcome to MCClassic Hostin 2.0, a revival of the original MCClassic Hosting! How do I get a server? Sign up to our Discord below and fill out the form in #our-services (after you’ve been verified!). We have a background checking system and can refuse server requests at our will. There are no forums and the only official form of communication for MCClassic Hosting issues is our Discord or email. Discord link https://discord.io/MCCH Services we offer MCGalaxy Servers - Free! ProCraft Servers - Free! Minecraft Java Edition Servers - Paid! (please join our Discord for a quota) Discord-IRC Relays - Free! Why choose us 99% uptime 5GB of Storage (larger servers can request more) 5TB Transfer Speed Hosted in New York Current portfolio ClassiCube Servers Puissant Royale [Custom Minigames] --=[ The-Golden-Apple 24/7 ]=-- [MCCH] Panda Anarchy. /BanAll [MCCH] Official Server Discord IRC Bots New Blood Relays MCCH Relays Minecraft Java Servers CiggyButtBrains Gaming - IP: mc.brycethompson.net BeepBopHeadPop's SMP - IP: Private Server Owner Terms of Service Dropbox Link (Server Owner Terms of Service) Don’t have Discord? Contact our support email: [email protected] Thanks, Toby and Panda This service was approved by 123DMWM.
  2. in order to make a server, you need to download McGalaxy on your computer by clicking here. Download it and then once your done, then click "McGalaxy.exe" Then you will see another window pop up. Now, click settings in the upper right corner. Change your server name. now visit all of the tabs and once your done editing them, go back to he first tab. Now below your server's name, click Port forward. Now you should follow what it said because I never got to that point. Now your server should be ready!
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