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Favorite Song Right Now?

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Just came back from inactivity out of boredom just to ask, what is yall's favorite song at the moment? I needa expand my music taste more looking for some cool songs yuhhhh

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i have an obsession with queen at the moment but i keep listening to duster recently, specifaclly "chocolate and mint"  heres a link to em on spotify 


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My fav songs are


Neffex - How its supposed to feel

Rival - Live on

Falling North - Lies you keep

Rival - Oblivion

NEFFEX - Born a Rockstar

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erm... admins???? i already made this thread!!!! ban him now!!!!

nah but fr i've been listening to a lot of music heres some tracks

Modest Mouse - Doin' The Cockroach

Mojave 3 - Prayer For The Paranoid

Duster - Travelogue (i am the best duster listener on Classicube forums btw i enjoy them way better than any of you and i bet none of you FAKERS even own Contemporary Movement on genuine 1st pressing Up Records vinyl like i do)

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Karn Evil 9 by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Yes I am a massive nerd and nothing will change that

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the chattering of teeth and lack of common sanity by ghostie p

empty by 4mat

two trucks by lemon demon aka neil cicierega

any and every FΛDE song

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State Anthem of the Soviet Union by Alexander Alexandrov

Erika by Herms Niel

Red Sun in the Sky by Li Youyuan

Also guys the national alert just sounded and it was so dumb, just a little amber alert xD

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