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Just general thoughts on CC, reflecting, and questions.

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I don't usually post here, since I don't really find much reason to play this game (mainly due to me growing up, going to school, finding other interests, etc.)

I have however, wanted to just reflect on some of the memories, comment about CC and just ask you guys some general things.
Alright, I'll just start from where I began CC.
I began about 7 years ago (?) back in 2016, not sure what the first server I joined was, but I do remember that I downloaded CC purely for the fact that I missed playing on Minecraft Classic and wanted to relive some of the experiences I had playing on that.
I was very young back then, I think under 10 years old? I really can't remember since all the memories are locked away in the back of my head and this is the only information that I could scrounge up from it.

I joined some funky server that had 0 players on it, it was some griefed, torn to shreds server with only remnants of past player activity, so it was kinda cool watching all the rubble and what players used to build before it was griefed (at least that's my educated guess, could be the admins just had a field day or something.)
I found a little spot near a pixelart wall, or well, what was left of it and dug underground a little, just sort of exploring what's around me, exploring the UI, the settings, that sort of stuff.

I made a little underground abode, a little shelter if you will; and tried my best at decorating it (basic wool bed, like a plant in the corner and windows that just.. looked at dirt.)

Was gonna leave, when a player joined.
First player interaction, and about half an hour into my building session.

I had a lesser knowledge of English back then, so the conversations that I held up had some structure, but not nearly anything as good as what I am capable of today.
We spoke for about, maybe 10 minutes just getting to know each other, and just building some random house(?) together.
I stuck around as long as he did, and once he left I left as well.
Then back to the server browser I went.

First I discovered NA2, and only played it for a little bit, because, even to this day, it's just kind of boring to play on when you literally have nothing to do there and half of, if not the entire server just spends their time AFKing.

I think I made like, a map there, and nothing else (maybe explored some parkour maps, I'm not sure.)

Then I hopped on newblood, which actually happened to be one of the most beneficial things to happen to me, as the community was very welcoming, and everyone seemed to be friendly, even to my immature self who was prone to anger and thrashing about if I didn't get my way in things which was surprising.

Nothing much is there to say about newblood other than I met some of the folk there that were and still continue to be my friends, or at least acquaintances (Kingo, Alex, Zingan, oneleiz, Cherobrine, etc.)

There were some unruly folk in that time, such as Unstoppable, OGUSHALLDAY and some other guy that I cannot remember.

They were there when I attempted to run my first server (courtesy of Eddy) (albeit, OGUSH never appeared, it was only Unstoppable), who messed with me and successfully pissed me off as a kid, but after ignoring them they sort of moved on and left for other servers to screw around in and troll.

Oh yeah, and not to forget, Cloud 9!
That was a server I used to play on very frequently, quite a lot actually, where I met some people such as kawaiicube, JosephMB, etc.
I was never really a good kid on that server, hah, I caused quite a lot of trouble, even if you really can't blame me since I was like, what, 9? 10? Doesn't matter, still immature.
I ended up actually disliking Joseph after getting banned for quite a while after that. Joseph, if you're still here for whatever reason, I'm sorry for bein' unruly and quite disrespectful to you, I really should've known better but, eh, I was a kid. You probably don't even remember me anymore!

Honestly, after the main 2-3 years of me playing classicube, the pzazz of the game, the love and urge to play it kind of faded, and I went into this state of just maybe sometimes joining back, only to leave not 10 minutes after joining.
It's been like that ever since, even now that's the case, not really many people to play with on the game, and some of the people are kind of insufferable, although they're probably young children so I don't hold it against them.

Most of the folk are rather nice and chill to speak to, just, can't really find the time or the energy to try and actively make friends on this game, hah.

 Anyway, that's pretty much what I can remember of me discovering CC and getting involved in it, I've got some questions for the folk that have ended up reading this far without losing their attention span:
1. What was your experience with CC? Did it leave a good first impression or a bad first impression?
2. You got any specific moment in CC that you cherished, hated, or just found funny? If so, would ya mind sharing?

3. What do you think about the current state of the game, the playerbase, what direction do you think the game is headed towards

Thanks for the read

-sincerely, Undertake

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My very first time joining was three years ago/ or four years, during that time I was in early 7th grade. As a young middle school-er I enjoyed video games as the typical middle school-er does. My family was financially not well enough to enjoy the new and up-and-coming games kids my age would enjoy. So all I had was an (now broken) Xbox 360. having a few games (some now that I remember were broken also), like Minecraft, Terria, Street Fighter, and whatever games were free on the Xbox. Not much. Also keep in mind I had little to no friends during that time. So desperately, I was trying to find friends/multiplayer games (that weren't blocked) on my Chromebook which was given to me from the school I was attending. Where I found this game. FuriousFireGIRL, was my account name (which I still use to this day)! My first impression was, very pleasing. My first server I join was Tommy's Arcade, I enjoyed it very much. I still remember playing build battle with my little brother and having a blast (and winning)! My first interaction with a player was in Not Awesome 2, he/she was very nice and welcoming. During this time in NA2, many people joined the server, so it had much more to do and so many more interactions. Which I LOVED. After a few months of playing hours of this game, I stopped. Covid hit and my attention was more into my well-being than a game. After a year or so, I came back. It was just how I felt. The same people I had become friends with, and the same welcoming attention I loved so dearly. It definitely left a great impression.


One moment I will never forget, was in NA2. I had met a player I don't remember their profile name, but he was a great friend. Through him I learned a lot about myself and gained some confidence. Which I will always thank him for. Anyways, me and this person talked on the chats on NA2 for like a year for hours each day. Which is crazy now thinking about it. One day we were talking. We had just kept talking and talking, then a question popped up. "Where do you live?", on the outside that sounds bad, but I had trusted him. I said an general location where I lived. Then to my surprise, he had also lived in the area around that area like (40 min away). I had never met him but definitely, felt like our friendship became close after that. Every time I think about that moment I laugh a little, or just smile. We're no longer friends. But I will always cherish that moment. 😄 

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